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Stear-O-WetTM is a spray-dried mixture of magnesium stearate and sodium lauryl sulfate, two excipients that can be used together in formulations. The addition of the sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant makes this product a “wettable” magnesium stearate, reducing the uncertainty of attempting to dry blend the two in a consistent, homogeneous manner . Wettable formulations improve disintegration and dissolution of drug substances in tablets and are particularly useful in formulations with solubility issues. As such, Stear-O-WetTM streamlines the supply chain in that manufacturers only need to source and stock one coprocessed excipient instead of two separate ingredients.  Stear-O-WetTM is uniform, avoiding the potential issue of overblending if added separately which can slow the rate of active ingredient dissolution due to the hydrophobic nature of magnesium stearate. 

CAS# 557-04-0 Source Specifications Certifications
Stear-O-Wet™ (8577) Palm Magnesium Stearate NF/EP/BP/JP/ChP/FCC
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate NF
Not Kosher; Halal; RSPO Mass Balance