Core Strengths

We Strive to Deliver Impactful Solutions

Solving difficult medical challenges takes more than hard work and dedication; it requires a unique combination of skills and strengths possessed by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. To see how we turn complexity into solutions for patients, take a look at our core capabilities.

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Development and Reformulation 

Building on our expertise in specialized chemistry, development and formulation, we are focusing our R&D strategy so we can leverage these core strengths.

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Regulatory Expertise

We are experts in navigating the often complicated terrain that comes with regulatory oversight, particularly concerning the carefully controlled products we manufacture.

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Skilled Handling of Highly Regulated and Complex Materials

Our skills in acquiring and handling highly regulated and complex raw materials and controlled substances give us unique advantages globally in the opioid and rare disease arenas and position us well for future growth.

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Manufacturing and Logistics

Our distinctive manufacturing and logistics skills are vitally important to our success. Our ability to manufacture complex products and deliver them efficiently to our customers reflects our focus on quality, integrity and service.